AcrySof® Cachet® Phakic Lens Design

A Lens Design and Placement Like No Other

Discover the unique design features—and the multiple patient benefits—incorporated into every AcrySof® Cachet® Phakic Lens.

  • Proven AcrySof® lens material provides ease of implantation and excellent compatibility with the eye
  • Insertion with trusted MONARCH® injector system permits small incision

Acrysof Phakic Lens

  • Engineered vaulted lens helps ensure ideal placement in the anterior chamber and requires no iridotomy or iridectomy
  • Four different lens sizes (in 0.5 mm increments) enhanced for a wide range of patient anatomies
  • An optic power range of -6.0 to -16.5D (in 0.5D increments) helps address the need for various patient refractive errors

A Phakic Lens Designed to Offer Spectacle Independence and Patient Satisfaction

Study population included individuals with refractive error too severe for other surgical correction. The mean refractive error at baseline was -10.4 D.

  • Of the subjects that had pre-op 20/20 or better corrected vision, over 86% of patients (45/52) had 20/25 or better Uncorrected Visual Acuity (UCVA) at 3 years
  • Of the subjects that had 20/20 or better, 100% of patients had Best Spectacle Corrected Visual Acuity (BSCVA) of 20/25 or better at all post-op visits*

Visual acuity improved for most patients.

Change in Best Spectacle Corrected Visual Acuity (BSCVA) from Pre-Op

Acrysof Phakic Lens

Over 50% of patients achieved one line or more increase over pre-op at both 1 and 3 years. Nearly 100% of patients experienced an improvement or no change in BSCVA compared to preoperative visit.

*Post-op visits were: 6 months, n=230; 1 year, n=217; 2 years, n=123; and 3 years, n=52.

One patient with a 2-line decrease had a severe age-related nuclear sclerotic cataract.

All claims based on clinical study data analysis completed in May 2008 and presented in the CE Technical file. Refer to the Physician’s Directions for Use for more information.