The LenSx® Laser SoftFit™ Patient Interface:
A smarter approach

The LenSx® Laser SoftFit™ Patient Interface allows the natural curvature of the patient’s cornea to conform to a SoftFit™ lens insert, enabling1,2:

  • Minimized corneal compression
  • Fixated cornea for precise incisions
  • Free floating capsulotomies with pristine edges
  • 66% reduction in laser energy
  • Lower IOP rise of only 16 mmHg during the procedure
  • A simpler, easier docking process
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Liquid-free patient interface
SoftFit™ Patient Interface docking on patient eye
The patient's cornea conforms naturally to the LenSx® Laser SoftFit™ lens insert in a liquid-free docking process.
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  1. Multicenter prospective clinical study (n=197 eyes); Alcon data on file.
  2. Knorz M. Analysis of 100 consecutive capsulotomies created with femtosecond laser for cataract surgery and novel patient interface technology. ASCRS Presentation. 2013.